Cutting-edge e-commerce solution for African entrepreneurs

Selling authentic products made in Africa?
Create a modern, fast and smart online shop powered by NIMA Codes technologies for free!

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Sell anywhere

Smart, fast and modern storefront to showcase your products on every platform — web or mobile.

Sell your products wherever your customers are — all messaging platforms and social medias are supported.

Sell anywhere

Stellar shopping experience

Multiple payment methods — Cash, Mobile Money, or Credit Card

Deliver your orders to your customers' door fast and hassle-free

Real-time order tracking to keep your customers informed about their orders

Stellar shopping experience

Easily manage your inventory

Manage your inventory and keep track of your orders easily via your mobile phone at any time

Manage and track easily


African entrepreneurs package
  • Modern, fast & smart online shop
  • Accept multiple payments methods
  • Order tracking for your customers
  • Sell up to 50 products
  • Mobile app to manage your inventory and orders

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is NIMA Shop?

NIMA Shop is a cutting-edge online commerce solution for African entrepreneurs. Allowing them to sell online easily and for free.

What can I Sell on NIMA Shop?

To open an online store with NIMA Shop, you must sell authentic African products.

How much does is it cost to create an e-commerce website with NIMA Shop?

NIMA Shop is totally free for African entrepreneurs selling authentic African goods.

Start selling now with a free online shop!